Bespoke Line

Masterpieces from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG are fascinating unique objects in any luxurious ambience. It is where a passion for innovative creation meets compelling design. Perfect craftsmanship transforms form and function into a unique experience. The result is a veritable work of art for individualists. For people in search of the truly outstanding.

The BESPOKE LINE from BUBEN&ZORWEG is distinctively unique. Colours and colour combinations for precious coatings and finest leathers are available in abundance. Our customers have the last word when it comes to the finish on our products. Because luxury also means the freedom to design one‘s life.


Luxury is in the details. With BESPOKE LINE, a choice of designs, materials and colours allow collectors to express their personality in the most indulgent of ways. Each BUBEN&ZORWEG bespoke masterpiece can be personalised with a range of 10 distinct shades of fine Italian Nappa leather and 10 individual high gloss lacquer finishes. Colours range from Arctic White, to Diabolo Red, Havanna Brown, Graphite and Emerald Green.


The fulfilment of particular customer desires is a tradition at BUBEN&ZORWEG. What it is that characterises the BESPOKE LINE: The design customised in the form of personal preferences is available on demand. All issues concerning feasibility, calculation and compatibility with the standards of perfection upheld by our House are clarified in advance. The BESPOKE LINE represents a fascinating opportunity to transform a number of our unique masterpieces into customised, one-of-a-kind highlights befitting any luxurious interior in very little time.

BUBEN&ZORWEG offers the BESPOKE LINE service across 10 of its handcrafted masterpieces

BUBEN&ZORWEG is, of course, always delighted to discuss customer preferences that are not covered by the BESPOKE LINE. Or that perhaps demand a more detailed degree of customisation on the basis of the recommended colours and materials. In these circumstances we discuss the details intensively with the customer so we can verify feasibility and provide a quote. To this end we need a little more time – time that we have already invested in the BESPOKE LINE and that enables our customers to take possession of their very own customised masterpiece without any additional expenditure of time of effort.

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Galaxy Deluxe