The PARAGON ALPHA 01 is the crowning jewel of wall-mounted clocks. Different and fascinating.

Sterling silver inlays allow you to check the power reserve in an instant and the train of the BUBEN&ZORWEG signature weight is secured in 8 stainless steel ball bearings. Wherever you look or touch, you will experience absolute perfection and master craftsmanship - the key features of this FINE TIMEPIECE by BUBEN&ZORWEG.

  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Pendulum Clock
  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Manufacture movement Caliber “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”
  • Dead-beat Graham escapement with pallets made of hardened steel
  • Seconds pendulum
  • Main wheel with constant power and remontoire
  • World time indication
  • Weight drive (3,000 g) with a ball-bearing deflection roller
  • 31 day power reserve
  • Fine-polished, gold-plated wheels
  • 6 high precision ball bearings and 6 rubies
  • Polished pinions made of hardened steel
  • Precision-milled and rhodanised plates made of hard brass with 5 columns
  • Carbon fibre pendulum rod with extremely low heat expansion coefficient
  • Pendulum bob with fine regulating system
  • Rhodanised dial with sunray brush
  • 500 hours BUBEN&ZORWEG “Excellence Control”


  • 1335 x 310 x 167 mm
  • 45 kg