Exquisite materials, a high-gloss finish with 10 layers of lacquer and perfect processing make the SILHOUETTE a much-admired talking piece in any environment.

This masterpiece of German craftsmanship is a wall clock of truly grand dimensions. Its self-assured design conveys transparency and lightness and effortlessly closes the circle of precision and innovative technology. Nothing obstructs the fascinating view of the unique manufactory movement calibre “Alpha 01- Pendulum World Time”; nothing prevents the proud owner from succumbing to the sedate swing of the pendulum and simply enjoying his luxurious FINE TIMEPIECE. Cleverly integrated LED light technology underscores the striking appearance of the SILHOUETTE.

Fine Timepiece
  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Pendulum Clock
  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Manufacture movement Caliber “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”
  • Dead-beat Graham escapement with pallets made of hardened steel
  • Seconds pendulum
  • Main wheel with constant power and remontoire
  • World time indication
  • Weight drive (3,000 g) with a ball-bearing defl ection roller
  • 30 day power reserve
  • Fine-polished, gold-plated wheels
  • 6 high precision ball bearings and 6 rubies
  • Polished pinions made of hardened steel
  • Precision-milled and rhodanised plates made of hard brass with 5 columns
  • Carbon fibre pendulum rod with extremely low heat expansion coefficient
  • Pendulum bob with fine regulating system
  • Rhodanised dial with sunray brush