The housing of the SONATA is like a picture frame for the German-made, precision clock movement. It allows an unhindered view of the mechanics from all sides.

The combination of a black wooden frame with 10 layers of high gloss lacquer, crystal glass and nickel-coated metal inserts that transform even the smallest BUBEN&ZORWEG FINE TIMEPIECE to a work of art.



  • German 8 day spring-driven movement
  • Swiss escapement with screw balance wheel and 11 jewel bearings
  • Ruthenium-coated with nickel-plated hands
  • Luxurious, hand-finished black wooden housing with 10 layers of high-gloss lacquer
  • Stainless steel doors open to the front 
  • Nickel plated metal inlay and crystal glass
  • 500 hours BUBEN&ZORWEG “Excellence Control”


  • 140 x 125 x 95 mm