Many preciosities are shrouded in mystery. Something secretive. A particular story. A silent force. A personal relationship. Values like these require a special environment; they demand protection and to be presented only to those who are worthy. GALAXY offers an appropriate ambience for outstanding values… a shrine for the things that really matter.

High-gloss lacquer Pearl White / white leather
High-gloss lacquer Black Stardust
High-gloss lacquer Black Stardust / Burlwood
High-gloss lacquer Black Stardust / Macassar

An idea, a creation, a design in variations: GALAXY is available in various sizes with different features and functions. Every GALAXY is a typical BUBEN&ZORWEG safe. Each one a masterpiece of German craftsmanship with certified security (VdS I).

What at first glance appears to be an art deco piece can accommodate a valuable collection of watches as well as other preciosities in drawers clad in finest leather. Its pearl-white design offers a safe haven for the lady’s valuables; the XXL version of the Gun Collector’s Edition will appeal more to the gentleman. Those who like to have their valuables close to hand on the desktop will appreciate the security of the GALAXY TABLE TOP SAFE.



  • German electronic locking system
  • Hand-crafted housing with folding doors
  • Finest italian nappa leather with diamond-stitching
  • High-gloss lacquer
  • hand-polished stainless steel handles
  • Interior in finest velour, black
  • Drawer fronts in high-gloss lacquer
  • Swiss security lock
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology
  • Optionally available with BUBEN&ZORWEG Alarm System
  • Optionally available with BUBEN&ZORWEG GPS Tracking
  • Optionally available with handles "Lady Butterfly"
  • Finest german craftsmanship


  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Safe SI-80, Safety class VdS I (German Security Certification)
  • Redundant system with keypad input and emergency key
  • 1060 x 545 x 635 mm
  • 220 kg
  • Mains Operation

10 colours of high gloss lacquer and 10 colours of fine italian nappa leather are available

Technical details
  • German high-security safe with 8 stainless steel bolts
  • Safety Class VdS I (German Security Certification)
  • Electronic lock with keypad input
  • Standard: 8 TIME MOVER® and 5 drawers; optionally available with 16 TIME MOVER® and 3 drawers or 24 TIME MOVER® and 1 drawer
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fading function
  • Stainless steel handle with mother-of-pearl inlay
  • Interior in finest velour
  • Safe door covered in handstitched Italian nappa leather
  • Dimensions: 780 x 490 x 400 mm
  • Weight: approx. 160 kg
Drawer Inserts
  • Internal siren with approx. 108 dB
  • Optional connection to the building’s alarm system
  • Activation / deactivation via transponder
  • Status LED (alarm system active?)
  • Sensors on doors and rear panels
  • Additional shock sensor in the event of strong vibrations
  • Long-lasting, tamper-proof rechargeable battery lasts for 3 days without a power supply
BUBEN&ZORWEG Tracking System
  • Tracking system to protect your valuables
  • Combination of GSM and Radio Frequency (RF) Technology
  • Global coverage
  • Web-based system, available for smartphones and tablets
  • Easy access to search and locate functions at any time
  • Battery capacity of up to 10 years
  • GPS-independent, hence the ability to locate objects in buildings and similar