The X-007 EXTREME is customisable both inside and out. Lacquer and leather are available in a number of colours and virtually any interior variant that fits inside the safe is implementable – from up to 18 TIME MOVER® units to a high-security presentation showcase for works of art.

Black Stardust / leather with diamond-stitching

The mechanism with which the X-007 EXTREME displays the values it protects is one of a kind in this world: it raises the safe’s precious contents majestically upwards with a smooth gliding motion. TIME MOVER® units and drawers for jewellery and documents can be combined in the basic version – but there is also an option to install a concealed showcase behind spy-glass that becomes transparent on command. Finest leather, 10 layers of high-gloss lacquer, stainless steel and an effective LED lighting system, all combined in perfect craftsmanship. The PAXOS® locking system has proved its worth in Swiss banks and other applications.



  • High-security safe with VdS II (German Security Certification)
  • Worldwide unique inbuilt elevating mechanism
  • Patented safe wall construction from  RELASTAN®
  • High-security PAXOS® compact locking system
  • view protected showcase behind two-way mirror spy glass with 9 TIME MOVER® and universal presentation space for collectibles
  • optional available with 18 TIME MOVER®, without presentation space
  • 2 front drawers and side drawers for storing jewellery, document folders or other valuable items
  • hand-polished stainless steel applications
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology
  • Emergency crank for opening the safe in the event of a power failure
  • finest German craftsmanship
  • Bespoke interior options are available
  • Closed: 1246 x 798 x 665 mm
  • Open: 2046 x 798 x 665 mm
  • 580 kg
  • Mains operation
  • High gloss lacquer Black Stardust / leather with diamondstitching
  • Leather

10 colours of high gloss lacquer and 10 colours of fine italian nappa leather are available

Technical details
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