Time Mover® Handwound

The innovative company conquered the market for automatic watch winder with the TIME MOVER® and has successfully defended ist leading position ever since. The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND from BUBEN&ZORWEG is based on a competent foundation of many years‘ experience with the sensitive inner workings of valuable watches and movements and represents another milestone offering the owners of hand-wound watches new perspectives. 

The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND has – no surprise for a product from BUBEN&ZORWEG – another outstanding feature alongside its fantastic functionality, namely the strikingly elegant design of this masterpiece: the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is available in Croco or Ebony Grigio as a table-top device; as a module, the precision instrument is also the perfect addition to the OBJECTS OF TIME® range. The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is, of course, an integral part of the ONE scope of delivery. Extensive and comprehensive knowledge of how to handle precious watches has enabled BUBEN&ZORWEG to find the perfect solution to a critical characteristic of hand-wound watches: the winding process is a sensitive balancing act as they do not have a safety clutch. The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND incorporates highly sensitive electronics with sensors that monitor the winding process – ideal for spring maintenance.

  • Hand-crafted housing (black, Semi-gloss) with exquisite croco-look leather panelling, and observation window
  • Highest operational safety
  • Intelligent control system keeps the winding spring within an optimum tension range
  • Easy to operate
  • Universally suitable for any hand-wound watch
  • Customisable settings for power reserve and speed-winding
  • Mains and battery operation
  • Made in Germany