BASELWORLD 2017 - materializing passion, precision and perfection

19. April 2017

2017 was the 100th anniversary of the most important show and premium event for the world's watch and jewellery industry. On this important, once in a lifetime anniversary year, Baselworld reaffirmed once more its status as a global trendsetting show where the crème de la crème of global brands like BUBEN&ZORWEG exhibit their new collections and signal the start of a new trendsetting cycle.

During the 8-day exhibition the BUBEN&ZORWEG booth remained the focal point of buyers who were again eager to discover in which new and creative ways the German brand was able to materialize passion, precision and perfection. By permanently showcasing innovation through their newest collections, BUBEN&ZORWEG Masterpieces are increasingly setting the pace of the industry as far as safety, exquisite design and perfect execution is concerned.

The new Illusion - playing with your senses

Although visitors permanently filled up every corner of the booth, it was the new Illusion that attracted everybody's attention. Presented as a practical alternative to the conventional full specification safe, the new Illusion brings a fascinatingly simple security solution to the office, changing room or bedroom. Unlocked by way of a fingerprint or a transponder chip, the 40 kg steel-bodied safe surprised everybody by raising its contents elegantly upwards.

Right next to the Illusion, the Grande Illusion showcased all the possibilities of this creative concept when one gives free rein to the BUBEN&ZORWEG design team. Almost tripling the storage capacity of the smaller Illusion, the Grand Illusion elevates its contents out of a shaped column masterfully covered in fine leather and Alcantara, crowned by an optional Fine Timepiece with a BUBEN&ZORWEG signature movement. A sculpture-like creation that draws inspiration directly from the famous Clock Tower in Dubai.

A Vision of perfection

Many serious watch collectors visiting the BUBEN&ZORWEG booth every year, have come to expect the unexpected, and this year it was the new Solitaire Vision that gathered their full attention. Protected by bullet-proof spy glass that allows an insight as soon as the sophisticated LED lighting system is activated, the additional integration of 46 Time Movers®, a Fine Timepiece with World Time indication and Tourbillon escapement, a SI-60 safe, a humidor, a bar module and an integrated Hi-Fi system contributed to the overall success of this masterpiece among visitors.

With a focus on security

The Guardian Safe and Galaxy Deluxe were among several new creations that demonstrate the concern of BUBEN&ZORWEG in developing safes that are beautifully designed objects and simultaneously cater to the safety specifications necessary to safeguard your most precious possessions. And if the Galaxy Deluxe represented a clear upgrade of the existing Galaxy safe line through the inclusion of a BUBEN&ZORWEG signature movement and superior high-gloss lacquered and matt surfaces, the new Guardian Safe revealed a completely new impression that remains true to the brand's design codes. New lines and shapes now house an SI-40 safe hidden by a two-way mirror glass door made of 8 mm thick safety glass capable of integrating up to 12 Time Movers®. 

During 8 full days, Baselworld was unquestionably the place to experience first-hand the launch of trendsetting innovations and masterpieces. The passion behind the innovative spirit that distinguishes every BUBEN&ZORWEG creation has thus been reaffirmed and will undoubtedly drive the German luxury brand forward with renewed vitality.