With a single brushstroke - BUBEN&ZORWEG meets Art

11. May 2017

There is a strong and undeniable connection between BUBEN&ZORWEG and art. Be it the art of the watchmaker, revealed trough the intricacies of a finely decorated mechanical movement that keeps ticking due to the advanced technology of the TimeMover® system, the art of a sixth century precious Ming vase protected and displayed in an X-007 safe or a refined and subtle 15th century Flemish masterpiece exhibited inside a Private Museum. True Masterpieces exhibited and protected within Masterpieces because a luxury brand that is as committed to creative design as BUBEN&ZORWEG is will also have a particularly close relationship with art. 

That is why during Baselworld 2017 it was time to bring this natural occurring connection one step further through the unveiling of the first piece of the new “BUBEN&ZORWEG Art Safes” collection, setting a new milestone in the cooperation between art, collectors and social responsibility. Internationally renowned artist Burigude, a lecturer in Beijing since 2017, accepted the invitation to design this unique BUBEN&ZORWEG safe.

The single brushstroke as the origin of all existence was a fundamental belief of Chinese master painter Tao-Chi (also called Shi Tao, 1641–1720), a credo shared by Burigude and translated in his abstract paintings, where he expresses both vitality and human consciousness through the application of bold yet spontaneous marks.

The three panels incorporated into the first BUBEN&ZORWEG Art safe were painted in this simplistic process, where the artist captures an unadulterated moment within the larger framework of human existence. The strokes are not depicting but translating the abstract notions of comfort, joy, straightforwardness and faithfulness while performing a body of gestures that visualise a sense of ultimate reality. “The stroke depicts nothing, but rather expresses solace, joy, directness and trust.” 

Having been often inspired by transitional moments within day to day life, Burigude’s work intends to explore the unresolved space in between, rather than settle on those resolutions that we aspire to achieve. In this way, viewers are asked to momentarily abandon the confines of daily life in order to subject themselves to a less concrete reality, one that is full of experiential and emotional potential.

Following its presentation at Baselworld 2017 and Salone del Mobile in Milan, the art piece will now travel to the Art Beijing exhibition, where it will be auctioned. The sale proceeds from this cooperation between Burigude and BUBEN&ZORWEG will be donated to the UNESCO-backed non-profit organisation “Forest China” that plants trees as a natural barrier against air pollution.

The new “BUBEN&ZORWEG Art Safes” collection, inaugurated by Burigude, is just the first step towards other cooperations that will be unveiled in the future, and where art and the artist will always be the common denominator. It is also an exciting invitation to collectors all over the world to involve their favourite artists and associate their work within a BUBEN&ZORWEG Masterpiece.



Burigude was born in Inner Mongolia, China, in 1961. He majored in comics at China Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1982 to 1986 and received a bachelor's degree; between 1986 and 1994 he was appointed as a lecturer at Beijing Union University and a guest lecturer at Huddersfield University in the UK; from 1995 to 1996 he majored in painting at Bradford University, UK, where he received a bachelor's degree of honour; from 1997 to 1998 he majored in printmaking and gained a master's degree; he moved to Canada in 2001 and works as a professional artist.