Time does not need me - I need Time.

Eliyar Alimirzoev
Artist, from Baku, Azerbaijan

„Nasimi, the great poet from Azerbaijan, said: “I am not God, but God is within me.” I love to say: “I am not time, but time is within me.” I don’t know how old I am, but my passport states that I am 50. When we look up to the stars, we tend to believe that we are in the present time – but indeed we are looking at the past. When we look at children, we see the future. Since the day I was born until today, the moon has moved 20 metres away from the Earth …

For me, time is just like God … I cannot see it, although I sense it permanently. Time does not need me, but I need time.

Every man has his time. It can stretch into the seemingly infi nite, or it can appear just like a second. Penetrating toothache seems to stop time. Years spent with aloved one pass by quick as lightning.

The clock measures time, until you disappear. You never know when it will happen. Then, when it happens, you think: “Really? Is it really me?”

The best time is the time when you are happy. I wish everyone to have the time to be happy. In my life, I regularly practice this exercise: When I go through a door, I always put my right foot over the threshold first and wish everyone in the world to be well.

Time touches me; it enlightens me, and it reflects in my work. Just as everyone else I live in time. Time is like sand in our hands. However, these hands have erected pyramids of sand, and in the next moment they have wiped them away. I see how I continue to live on in my children, and that is what some people call eternity.

I am a painter; I have been made for painting. If someone asks me, “Why do you make pictures?” … then I respond: “Why do you drink water?” - “Because I am thirsty."

People and events come and go, but the yearning to paint a picture lasts forever. Long live the painter!

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