Quality time is full of joy. 

José Bento Dos Santos

Top wine producer; Deputy Chairman of the International Academy of Gastronomy; President of the Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy

He who does not do everything he can to be the best, to become the best or to remain the bestis not deserving of second place. He will inevitably fall back to last place – that is my motto that we here at Quinta do Monte d'Oiro live by. We get as close as possible to perfection by doing what it takes to be the best every single day from scratch, with no concession whatsoever of considering second place as being at all adequate.

Time is the scarcest resource in my life. To have time is to experience pure joy. To integrate such moments in my daily routine, this contradictory duality of time, this to me is the true art of savoir vivre. I cannot have time for everything, and I cannot stand a permanent lack of time. The following saying applies to me: "When God created time He said nothing about haste".

Nature gives wine its sophisticated potential – but it is time that decides when it is at its best. I accept the risk of challenging time at the precise moment I decide to open a bottle: it can turn out to be the perfect moment, but I can do myself out of the height of enjoyment if impatience causes me to act too soon … and it can also be too late.

The greatest wines hide their secrets inside the bottle until that moment when the "plop" of the cork is heard. As a producer I would like to see this moment chosen with contemplation and respect, in a befitting ambience and the right company. These elements are all part of enabling the wine to develop its innermost qualities. This is what happens when the wine drinker turns out to be a connoisseur…

I can listen to great music on my own from a recording or drink a fine wine alone behind closed doors – but the special music I listen to in a concert hall, the unique wine I enjoy in a marvelous restaurant accompanied by delicious food … these moments can touch me in a way that makes them truly magnificent.

Joy is everything in life – I agree wholeheartedly with these words spoken by a wise man: every good time must be full of joy.

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