Steven Holl


„Architecture serves as an index of time,” says international architect Steven Holl. “Seconds, minutes, hours, months, years, decades, epochs, centuries… all of these come to life when seen through the lens of architecture. Architecture is one of the most permanent expressions of culture.

”TIME Magazine America’s Best Architect of 2001 has left lasting architectural marks across the globe. Museums, chapels and residences in America, Europe and Asia bear his signature, from the Turbulence House in New Mexico to the Loisium in the Austrian Waldviertel, from the Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy, Norway to the Linked Hybrid in Beijing, China.

According to Steven Holl, good architecture comes to life where “a project is worked on intensively, where the manifolds of time run together, bringing the many facets of a project together to form a whole.

”Somewhere between the elements which pass with time and the timeless classicsis the field where design, architecture and art come to life. Regarding the relationship between architects and time, Steven Holl says: “It is important to think in terms of today and also to act today. We do not merely live in our time, we are our time. Today, pure speed shapes the definition of space. The acceleration of changing trends makes it seem impossible to meet constantly changing desires. A primary challenge in architecture is to exist, to endure.

”The quality of architecture separates the hasty, soon-to-be-forgotten from works of architectural art which embody the character of their era. Holl’s view on the marrying of creative processes, zeitgeist and timelessness:

“Architecture is an art of duration which stretches across the chasm between ideas and forms of reality, between flowing movement and a fixed place. Architecture is a bridge across the yawning gap between the intellect and the senses of sight, touch and hearing, between the highest aspirations of thought and the organic and emotional desires of the body.”

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